12/2015 - 05/2018

food4growthVocational Eductaion and Training of Communication Skills


F4G intends to strengthen the relevance of Vocational Education and Training in the labour market, through the development of a training model addressed to technical profiles of the food sector, aimed at improving the communication skills of innovation incorporated into the food product, in order to create added value in the product and a more dynamic market.

In this context it is of paramount importance for SMEs to develop and acquire the key competences and skills in order to rightly communicate with end users utilizing the new channels of social networks, blog, media in order to provide appropriate information and enhance healthy choices.
F4G identifies in the technical profiles coming out from the post-secondary education paths, a decisive role to improve the company's ability to:
- develop the orientation focus on innovation, improving the ability to use programs and platforms for the transfer of innovation and advanced technology;
- convey the meaning, the practical value of technological innovation functional for the sustainability of food production systems, for public health and for responding to a system of diversified interests of consumers;
- identify consumer needs and design innovative products and processes before their competitors, promoting social acceptability.

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