01/2015 - 12/2017

european foodstaEuropean FooD Studies and Training Alliance



Fostering co-operation of science and industry
Food industry is the largest production sector in Europe and is driven by innovation in order to keep up in competition. Technological and scientific knowledge transfer is crucial for adopting cutting-edge solutions.The access to results of scientific research in the food sector shall be facilitated by enhanced co-operations between universities and industry and the development of an appropriate training program in higher education.

The project FooD-STA „European Food Studies and Training Alliance” was kicked off in the beginning of 2015 and aims to design study curricula with improved practical relevance for food production.
The project will establish an independent, self-sustainable European FooD-STA center with local contact points and training centers in several countries, serving the needs of the food industry and educational and training organisations to guarantee the best possible education and training for students, teachers, trainers and food professionals. The centre will enable and support knowledge transfer and practical exchange between the stakeholders.
The consortium consists of twelve partners, among them seven universities, two big companies, two research institutes and one EU-wide network.
FooD-STA will contribute to the modernization of higher education. The project will collect, further develop and implement new teaching methods enhancing the technical and personal skill development of employees in the food industry according to continuously updated needs of the food industry.
The academic partners will make state of the art teaching available as synergetic joint tools. Teachers will be able to collect practical experiences through internships in companies and food professionals will be involved in higher education.

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