10/2016 - 09/2020

agrimaxFor the economic and environmental sustainability of the AGRIcultural and food businesses to be MAXimised in Europe

Agrimax aims at providing new biocompounds to the chemical, bioplastic, food, fertilisers, packaging and agriculture sectors. The overriding goal of AgriMax is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of these new applications for the agricultural value chains by applying biorefinery processes for valorising crops & food processing derived wastes.

Through the selection of case-scenarios previously developed to a pilot scale by the participating RTOs and their industrial transferability in high added-value applications, the project will disclose the holistic potential of 4 new agro-value chains. The main expected bio-waste derived compounds will be demonstrated for applications as packaging materials, food additives, agricultural materials and biofertilisers, etc. but they have in fact potentials much beyond. Any byproduct generated along the production cycle will be valorised in a cascade manner to reach over 40% of high value use of the bio-waste. This will lead to additional products such as active ingredients but also fibres, biogas and compost from the left biomass.

biobased industriesfunded under BBI Bio Based Industries Joint undertaking




Agrimax is among the success stories of Horizon 2020 - click here

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