FeedtheMind LogoThe FEEDtheMIND project intends to demonstrate that the European food education requires a systemic, interdisciplinary approach based on a food innovation education of excellence and a project-based approach.



Thus, the objectives of this project are to adapt, test and implement a digital pedagogical platform focusing on the development of an innovative food product; facilitate the exchange of pedagogical methods between the different European HEIs partner organisations; contribute to the rethink of the curriculum design by enabling HEIs to provide online courses. Ultimately, this project aims to foster entrepreneurship among students attending food-related degrees.

FEEDtheMIND targets three groups of participants: 1) higher education students that will directly benefit from the digital pedagogical platform developed to tackle their skills gap and to promote their creativity and entrepreneurship; 2) higher education professors/researchers/pedagogical staff that will benefit from the exchange of good practices and the innovative pedagogical methods; and 3) professionals from the food sector that will share their expectations regarding the industry’s future professionals. The major activity of this project will be the development of a digital pedagogical platform that will allow the students to acquire transversal skills and competences by following their individual path.
During the last year of the project, the partner HEIs will encourage their students to be part of transnational teams, through a mobility activity and/or virtually, and develop innovative food products supported by the FEEDtheMIND multidisciplinary digital learning tool.


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