Accreditation Success in Pesticide Analysis

Swift Inclusion of Parameters in the Accredited Scope!

We’re thrilled to announce that LVA is pioneering a game-changing improvement in pesticide analysis.

In the past, getting accreditation for new analytes used to take over a year, but we’ve managed to slash that down to just 3 months!

LVA has long been recognized as a trailblazer in the Austrian market for pesticide analysis. We’ve been ISO 17025 accredited since 2000 and have consistently led the way with advancements in the field.
Thanks to our collaboration with Accreditation Austria’s audit team, we’ve achieved a flexible accreditation, allowing us to quickly incorporate new analytes into our already accredited pesticide procedures.

This achievement is the result of our dedicated lab team’s intensive validation work across a wide range of matrices.

The result? An accelerated integration of analytes into our accredited scope for pesticides, which means we can meet our customer’s needs faster than ever before in the world of pesticide analysis.
Starting now, the Public List of Testing (PLT) will be included with every LVA test report and can also be accessed through the Accreditation Austria homepage.

At LVA, we take pride in being at the forefront of companies in Austria that adapt flexibly to our customers’ needs. Together, we’re setting new standards in analytics!