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Our training programme provides valuable support with practical courses addressing all issues within food processing. Speakers include international experts from government ministries, associations, universities and food regulators, as well as renowned auditors and consultants. Certification according to ISO 21001:2018 guarantees that practical knowledge is shared in consistently impeccable quality.

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“Progress through knowledge” is the motto of the LVA Academy. The extensive programme of seminars allows you to design a training schedule that is tailored to your specific knowledge and expertise.

Would you like to learn which of the many specialised upgrades would meet your needs?

  • my Start (S): You are a beginner, are returning to a previous position or have accepted a new remit in which you would like to learn the technical basics in a direct and practical manner.
  • my Profession (P): You have been working in your technical field for some time and possess considerable practical knowledge that you wish to keep up to date.
  • my Added Value (A): You want to remain well-informed about the latest developments in food management, quality and safety and add to your technical knowledge.

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Certified Training

Food Safety Expert

In this training course consisting of 7 modules, you will acquire the skills to assess and evaluate different types of foods with regard to microbiological and chemical hazards.

  • Requirements stipulated by standards are interpreted in a way that is clear to understand, making the implementation of food safety standard requirements in your company easier.
  • Knowledge is transferred through practical lectures and numerous interactive workshops in which the skills learnt can be applied directly.
  • The course is aimed at a broad target group. At the same time, it opens up great potential for participants to share their experiences and network across all sectors.

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Qualification as a Food Safety Manager

In collaboration with TÜV Austria Academy

This personal certification is ideal for persons who already have experience in the professional field of food safety management or similar professional fields (food logistics, service providers in the food industry, etc.) and who wish to have this additional knowledge they have acquired certified.
In particular, this training course provides a sufficient basis for IFS or BRC officers or the heads of food safety groups in accordance with ISO 22000.

In addition to the knowledge mentioned above (albeit in a more in-depth form), all company-specific technical knowledge is also included, as well as a sound specialist knowledge of

  • Packaging in the food industry
  • Food technology
  • Labelling and declaration
  • Regulations concerning allergens and genetic engineering
  • In-depth knowledge of individual standards and norms
  • Product safety in the food sector
  • Crisis management
  • Traceability

Qualification as a Certified Hygiene Manager

For persons responsible for implementing food safety measures in companies of any size, TÜV Austria Academy offers a complete training course covering all aspects of food safety and hygiene management.

  • Module 1: Hygiene Management, HACCP & Good Hygiene Practices
    Food microbiology; GHP – operational & occupational hygiene in large-scale catering/industrial food production; risk analysis & HACCP concept
  • Module 2: Food Law & Standards
    Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act (LMSVG), EU Directives, Guidelines, Codex Alimentarius, Product Liability Act; FSMS - Food Safety Management Systems in accordance with ISO 22000, IFS, IFS Logistics, BRC, BRC/IoP, HACCP, GMP; Crisis Management
  • Module 3: Methods & Tools in Hygiene Management
    FSMS audits & site inspections; supplier assessments & audits; hygiene training & motivation of employees

The modules can also be attended as individual seminars.

Full course and combined price for the following 3 modules (excl. examination): 2,700 euros plus VAT, examination 545 euros plus VAT.
Dates upon request from Sabine Redlich,,

Auditor in the food or packaging sector

With a corresponding previous qualification, graduates of the auditor training and the respective LVA seminar can obtain the following qualification:

  • Upgrade to internal auditor for the food sector:
    Participants must have attended the LVA seminar: IFS (current version)/BRC/FSSC/QM/HACCP intensive (2 days)
    Completion of the training course as a quality auditor (4 days) at TÜV AUSTRIA Academy.
  • Upgrade to internal auditor for the packaging sector:
    Participants must have attended the LVA seminar: Contact Materials Module 1 & Module 2
    Completion of the training course as a quality auditor (4 days) at TÜV AUSTRIA Academy.

Note: To obtain the certificate, both elements must be completed within one year.

As an auditor, you will gain essential insight into all areas of your company. Actual circumstances are identified, suggestions for improvement are recorded and measures derived. The audit makes an essential contribution to creating a QM system that works more or less automatically.

By combining seminars from the areas of food safety and quality management, you will be optimally equipped for your internal audits in the food business.The collaborative courses with TÜV AUSTRIA Academy are offered, conducted and invoiced by TÜV AUSTRIA Academy. The LVA food testing institute advertises the courses and forwards the registration data to TÜV AUSTRIA Academy.


As a leading centre of excellence for the food industry, we provide sound answers to technological and legal questions on a daily basis.

For example, for the development of product claims – from correct declarations to legally sound advertising claims. Researched and formulated by experienced experts and reviewers pursuant to Section 73 of the LMSVG.

The experts from LVA advise companies on product developments and in the implementation of innovations.

The close interdisciplinary collaboration allows customised solutions for specific customer requirements to be developed. This concerns, among other things, the planning and implementation of any sampling that may be necessary, or the planning and implementation of analyses as part of quality controls.

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