Companies from all areas of food production will find a wide range of high-quality and tailored services here – from laboratory analyses, expert reports and consulting to inspection and certification, as well as training and seminars.

At a Glance

The name LVA has been synonymous with comprehensive food safety for decades. Companies therefore have access to corresponding expertise in the areas of food technology and law. Whether conventional, regional, organic or vegan – every enquiry regarding food is in the best hands at LVA.

Do you want to ensure the professional management of your technical challenges relating to food? Our teams will gladly assist you at any time with:

  • All aspects of food and feed at every stage of the production chain
  • Environmental sampling
  • Packaging and consumer goods
  • Food supplements

Our Services

Technical Expertise, Marketability and Declaration

LVA can draw on a seasoned team of experts for the assessment of products and confirmation of their marketability.

Focus areas:

  • Assessments, appraisals, layout checks and translations for over 40 countries.
  • Documents such as health certificates can also be issued on request.
  • Review of labels and designs according to food legislation.
  • Verification of claims according to Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 (Health Claims) and the provisions of the Food Code.

We are also delighted to advise companies on matters of food law and provide conceptual support – from correct labelling to advertising claims.

Laboratory Analysis
  • Chemical analyses (all parameters from A for anti-oxidation to Z for zinc, incl. nutritional analysis)
  • Microbiology (quality and hygiene indicators, pathogens)
  • Microscopy (impurities/foreign bodies, unwanted residues, ingredient control, ...)
  • Migration and use test for non-food articles
  • Sensory analyses (simple description or evaluative scale by a regularly trained and tested sensory panel)
  • Molecular biology (allergens, GMOs, animal species, ...)
  • Residue analyses (pesticides, veterinary drugs, PAHs, mycotoxins, contaminants, ...)

The LVA Certification Body cooperates with its partners to carry out the following audits and certifications:

  • IFS Food, IFS Logistics, IFS Broker, IFS Wholesale/Cash & Carry
  • Organic certification (AT-BIO-901), private standards (e.g. Prüf Nach!)
  • IFS Progress Programme
  • HACCP, GMP audits, business and supplier audits
  • AMA Quality Seal, AMA Organic Seal, quality and origin assurance system (QHS), Transparent Origin
  • ISO 22000
  • ISO 9001
  • Sustainability standards: MSC, ASC, RSPO, UTZ
  • V-Label (international quality label for vegetarian products)

We can also prepare individually tailored programmes on request.


Our Inspection Body carries out hygiene and/or business inspections, as well as sampling in a variety of focus areas.

  • Tailored business inspections
  • Hygiene and kitchen inspections
  • Inspections of collective catering facilities
  • Environmental samples – e.g. adhesive film samples
  • Hygiene checks
  • Various on-site samplings
  • Obtaining of on-site findings as well as sampling and examinations in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance
Training, Technology Transfer and Consulting

Further training at the LVA Academy provides valuable support with practical courses addressing all issues within food processing. Speakers include international experts from government ministries, associations, universities and food regulators, as well as renowned auditors and consultants. Certification according to ISO 21001:2018 guarantees that practical knowledge is shared in consistently impeccable quality.

Topical focus areas:

  • Food law (e.g. labelling, health claims, origin, ...)
  • Production standards (e.g. IFS, BRC, ...)
  • Hygiene, HAACP and microbiology
  • Special topics (food defence, food fraud, FCM, sensory analysis, ...)

Seminars & Courses (in German)


Practical training at your premises

We will gladly put together highly practical courses that we hold directly at your company. The framework of these courses enables a clear and intense focus on internal aspects and the qualification of internal trainers for specific topics.


The LVA technology network

Anyone seeking to bring an innovative brainchild to market maturity will find a flexible R&D partner in LVA. Our involvement in a broad and varied network also provides customers with access to profound expertise from various areas of product and process development. Innovation through cooperation is the clear motto. Work on a variety of committees – from the Austrian Food Codex to the Food for Life technology platform and Austrian Cooperative Research ACR – provide additional proof of our commitment.

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Consultancy focus areas

  • Advice and conceptual support on matters of food law, from labelling to advertising claims
  • Primary contact for matters of innovation and food technology
  • Review and implementation of HACCP concepts, hygiene, etc.
  • Support in the area of IFS Global Markets Food and IFS Global Markets Logistics
  • Accompaniment for start-ups in matters of food law
  • Advice and expertise on packaging, consumer goods, hygiene products and cosmetics

We prepare bespoke consultancy packages to assist start-ups.

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DI Raimund Pirkl

DI Raimund Pirkl

Sales & Business Development Manager