Expanded List of Declarable Allergenic Fragrance Substances for Cosmetic Products

Since August 15, 2023, an expanded list of declarable allergenic fragrance substances for cosmetic products has been in effect according to EU Regulation 2023/1545 – a milestone for increased transparency and security, but also a challenge for all producers. The previously existing list of 26 allergenic fragrance substances under EU Regulation 1223/2009 has been expanded to an impressive 82 substances as part of this change.

Despite the granted transition periods of 3 to 5 years, cosmetic manufacturers must now take action and revise their raw materials, formulations, and associated product declarations accordingly. Thorough analysis of allergenic fragrance substances is essential in this regard.

The innovations and modifications introduced in the cosmetics regulation of the previous year (Ban on Lilial from March 1, 2022) are not yet widely known throughout the entire cosmetics industry. This is evident by examining the Safety Gate, where, for the year 2023 alone, there are more than 270 alerts due to the presence of Lilial in cosmetic products.

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