Serious mineral oil residues in butter – are there more product groups affected?

A recent product test by Ökotest shows:
19 out of 20 butter samples tested are contaminated with mineral oil residues in the form of MOSH or MOAH.
One butter is particularly worrying – the concentration in this butter is higher than ever before measured in a food product by the testers.

How do MOSH and MOAH get into food?
Migration from recycled packaging or packaging with printing inks containing mineral oil into the packaged food poses a high risk.
Other possible sources of entry are lubricants from food production plants, exhaust gases from harvesting machines or mineral oils used as lubricants or release agents in manufacturing and packaging processes.

Which other foodstuffs are affected?
Due to the different modes of entry, the occurrence of MOSH and MOAH in basically any food is possible. We offer you absolute certainty and the corresponding expertise at LVA with the appropriate analysis as well as comprehensive advice on this.

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